Policies for NIEF Trustmarks

NIEF offers a wide range of trustmarks to its members and other agencies that wish to participate in the emerging trustmark ecosystem. Please see this page for a list of all trustmarks that NIEF currently offers.

NIEF has adopted the following policies and agreements that provide the necessary legal and contractual foundation for the trustmarks that it issues. For each policy or agreement, we have provided a link to download or view it. Note that in some cases, links to multiple versions of a policy or agreement may be included, for historical purposes. When establishing a new relationship with an agency for trustmark issuance, NIEF always uses the most recent available versions of these documents.

Available Policies and Agreements:

NIEF Trustmark Policy

The NIEF Trustmark Policy provides an overview of the legal framework that underlies all of the trustmarks issued by registered Trustmark Providers within the NIEF community. It also describes the various roles and responsibilities that apply to each trustmark.

Available Versions:

NIEF Trustmark Signing Certificate Policy

The NIEF Trustmark Signing Certificate Policy describes the measures that NIEF prescribes, and that all registered Trustmark Providers within the NIEF community must implement, to maintain the security of the private key(s) used to sign trustmarks that they issue.

Available Versions:

NIEF Trustmark Relying Party Agreement

The NIEF Trustmark Relying Party Agreement contains the terms to which any agency must agree if it chooses to rely upon one or more trustmarks issued by NIEF. Note that this is agreement is “binding upon use”, i.e., an agency shall automatically enter into this agreement by virtue of relying upon a NIEF trustmark, and no explicit signature is required by the agency or by NIEF.

Available Versions:

NIEF Trustmark Recipient Agreement Template

The NIEF Trustmark Recipient Agreement Template contains the terms to which an agency must agree prior to receiving trustmarks from NIEF. This document is a template, and its language is intended to be modified, as needed, by both NIEF and the agency that will receive trustmarks from NIEF.

Available Versions: